10 Reasons This Beach-Hopping Dog Is So Excited To Get In The Water

A flock of Golden Retrievers were having a romp on St. Andrews beach in Scotland when one enthusiastic pupper felt the holy spirit. He psychotically hops into the ocean like he's being summoned by Poseidon himself. But since Greek gods don't exist, we can only assume this Golden is jumping into the ocean for other reasons. Below, ten reasons we totally just made up. 1. He was trying to free Willy. george1 2. He just witnessed someone in a speedo. 3. He wanted to show off his doggy paddle. [bp_related_article] 4. "I GOTTA PEE!" 5. He saw his owner grab the leash. george1 6. He heard Jon Snow is still alive. 7. He was a skipping stone in a previous life. 8. He heard his ex was in town. george1 9. He wanted to prove he was the second coming. 10. He just finished reading The Bell Jar and was feeling melodramatic. Additional writing by Samantha Erb, Zoe Costello, Stacie Grissom, and Ally Nesmith

Tiffany White

6 years ago

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