17 Dogs Who Are Members Of The Dog Shaming Pittie Committee

These sassy, loyal, velvety creatures might be one of our favorite breeds, but they're not without their faults. Behold,  17 inductees into the Dog Shaming Hall of Hame: 1. "What's the big deal? I was just defying my stereotype." dogshaming-pittie-committee-1 2. It's like the "pull my finger" of the dog world. Wally 3. Just consider them the dog version of Zack Snyder. SAMSUNG [bp_related_article] 4. No one call the locksmith. This dog says he's got it covered. coco-doornob 5. This seems tame compared to the Great Hanukkah Fire he caused last year. dogshaming-pittie-committee-3 6. A seasoned escape artist never reveals his secrets. He will, however, gloat about it. dogshaming-pittie-committee-4 7. If you think this is bad, just wait until you see how badly he keyed the baby's car. dogshaming-pittie-committee-5 8. "I was trying to save them. Really!" dogshaming-pittie-committee-6 9. His visit to Fashion Week really went straight to his head. dogshaming-pittie-committee-7 10. Meanwhile, in hell... dogshaming-pittie-committee-8 11. "I think you're overreacting. Taco Bell burritos hardly count." dogshaming-pittie-committee-9 12. "But you humans pee in showers, sooo...?" dogshaming-pittie-committee-10 13. "I destroy lives -- and hearts." dogshaming-pittie-committee-11 14. That moment when you plan to clean, but then you sit down for a while and realize it can wait until tomorrow. dogshaming-pittie-committee-12 15. "Ew, those Chiclets were mad stale. Wait, they weren't Chiclets? Oh boy." dogshaming-pittie-committee-15 16. Not only does he refuse to own up to his mess, he won't even look at it. dogshaming-pittie-committee-13 17. Evan: undefeated Destroyer Champion of the world! dogshaming-pittie-committee-18

Featured image and all images via DogShaming

Tiffany White

6 years ago

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