10 Things Only Eskie Pup Parents Understand

Written by: Emily Wang

June 5, 2015

A less well-known breed closely related to some other fluffy wolf-like dogs, here are some things that only those hoomans lucky enough to own an American Eskimo dog would understand.

1. Everyone assumes your dog is either a giant Pomeranian or a mini Husky.


2. Eskies are amazingly intuitive and quick-witted. Sometimes too much for their own good. 


3. Off leash eskie + large field = ZOOMIES! (But specifically, zoomies in a circle over and over again).


4. Hair. Hair everywhere.

Eskie Shedding

5. Sometimes you think your dog is more a person than a dog.


6. Your dog is crazy trainable and eager to please. They do come from a history of being circus dogs, afterall.


7. You’ve grown accustomed to not ever wearing dark colors. 


8. Your dog seems to always be smiling.


9. When you got your dog, you weren’t sure if they were a puppy or a teeny tiny polar bear…


10. You’re your dog’s #1. Although they’re nice to other people, your pup is attached to you and you only at the hip.


Featured image via @emwng



Written by: Emily Wang

June 5, 2015