Disney Villains as Dog Breeds

Written by: Catherine Jarrett

September 29, 2023

Halloween is coming up and there’s really nothing more important this time of year than to induce a feeling of fear into your bones. Sure, being scared is an exciting and thrilling feeling, but only if it happens to be October and you’re eating candy to soothe your heebie-jeebies. If you grew up watching Disney movies like me (and if you didn’t I’m so sorry, you should call your parents and
ask for an apology) then you know there’s nothing scarier than a Disney Villain.

These animated, kid friendly characters can be genuinely terrifying and honestly at times even life altering (have you seen Snow White? I still don’t eat apples to this day) . So I thought what better way to remedy your October Scaries than to turn Disney Villains into dogs.

Grab your candy bowl, sit back and enjoy this mildly entertaining list of Disney Villains as Dog Breeds: ***Please keep in mind these are opinions and in no way do I find any of the below dog breeds villainous.

Jafar as a Boston Terrier

It’s not his manipulative and conniving ways that strike me most about Jafar, but rather his big animated eyes. And when I think of big animated eyes, my mind goes right to the Boston Terrier. This playful little breed doesn’t have much in common with Jafar, but I would kill to see a staring contest between the two of them.

Hans as a Golden Retriever

Hans is one deceptively suave jerk, yes. But can we all admit that he is a looker? I mean look at that jawline and those ginger locks. He gives Ed Sheeran a run for his money. A certified golden boy and one of the finest looking Disney Villains out there. And withthose looks and charm, it’s a no-brainer that Hans would be a Golden Retriever.

Maleficent as a Doberman Pinscher

There’s no malicious intent here, because what other Villain has strikingly beautiful Doberman
looking horns coming off her head? With her all black coat and fierce personality to match, this villain is
surely a Doberman.

Cruella De Vil as a Japanese Chin

Some might think a Dalmatian would be the obvious choice here, but no. Are you kidding? I am NEVER letting her near a Dalmatian, let alone becoming one. So instead I’ve chosen the Japanese Chin. Not
only do these two both rock an impeccable black and white hairdo, but they’re smart, alert and their photoshoot energy is giving.

Captain Hook as an English Cocker Spaniel

This “ gentleman’s villain” has exquisitely well-groomed curls and one of the mostelegantly dapper wardrobes to match. So it’s no wonder Hook would be an English Cocker Spaniel. This regal dog loves an
adventure and I think would bode well on a pirate ship. Not to mention they probably use the same shampoo.

Scar as a German Wirehaired Pointer

One word…beard. This dog’s snout awfully resembles the chin hair on one of the most calculated Disney
Villains of all time. The German Wirehaired Pointer is a hunting, hiking and versatile dog that loves
a good competition and just can’t wait to be King.

Lady Tremaine as a Poodle

This wicked old lady doesn’t need any special powers to be sinister. And with that hairdo she’s
clearly got the best blow dryer money can buy. So for that reason, Lady Tremaine would be a straight
up Poodle. Not only would she be able to afford the finest groomer in town, but she would fit right
into a household that already has a lot going on. Cinderella, fetch this lady a martini would you?

Shan Yu as an Alaskan Malamute

Surviving an avalanche is all I really need to say about Shan Yu being an Alaskan Malamute. Not
only is this dog incredibly strong and good in the snow, but it thrives in a pack. And we all
know, Shan Yu would be nothing without his massive army behind him. This dog would be
ready for battle any day.

Mother Gothel as a Chihuahua

Just like Mother Gothel, a Chihuahua’s age is just a number. This feisty little dog breed is blessed with what some might call “a magical flower” that keeps them looking like a puppytheir whole life. Not to mention, their lifespan is one of the longest among dog breeds.

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Written by: Catherine Jarrett

September 29, 2023


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