10 Fun Ways To Make Your Dog The Best Workout Buddy

Written by: Melina Giakas

May 20, 2015

**Please consult with a medical professional before beginning any diet or exercise regimen. That goes for humans too!**

According to CBS News more than half of U.S. pets are overweight or obese. Excess weight can aggravate joint problems and lead to the development of heart conditions and diabetes, among other risks. To help your dog avoid some of these issues it’s best to monitor their food portions and treat intake, and make sure your dog is getting enough exercise.

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Check out our list below to see some pawesome ways for you to exercise with your dog! Ultimately there’s no reason why your dog should be the only one working towards that hot and healthy bod for summer. 😉


owner dog run

Running is an easy way to incorporate your dog into your workout routine. If you’re first starting out, the easy walk harness will help you to train your dog to run right by your side. The leash also prevents your pup from pulling too far ahead.



Skijoring is an interesting sport where dogs pull people on skis or rollerblades. The dog only needs a harness for the rope to latch onto. The owner can then hold on tight for a wild ride!


golden bike

Cycling is a great way for you and your dog to squeeze some cardio into your day. Cycling is also great if you have a dog that requires a lot of exercise and activity. Your dog will be able to keep up with your pace while getting in a few extra miles.



While we don’t recommend letting your dog bat, he certainly can play in the outfield! Hitting balls with a baseball bat or tennis racket are inexpensive ways to send balls soaring and your pup running across the yard.

Obstacle Course

o course

Your dog doesn’t need to be the only one jumping hurdles. Set up an obstacle course you can both enjoy! You can include activities like tunnels and hurdles, or tailor your course to have dog/human workout options at each station. For example: 15 hooman push ups as your dog fetches a ball.



Swimming is a great exercise for both dogs and hoomans. You have the option to chill by your pool or hit up the ocean if you live nearby!

Tail Wag Walking


Turn your daily walk into a workout. Switch between interval and speed walking to raise your heart rate and get your dog going. Trust us, your dog won’t stop wagging his tail after an invigorating walk.

Run, Race, Repeat!


We’re putting a new spin on the classic game of fetch. Stand next to your dog and throw a ball as far as you can. Then, race against your dog to see who can get to the ball first instead of waiting for him to bring it back to you! Repeat the same steps going back and forth as you wish.


hiking 2

Hiking caters to dog’s natural inclination to explore. While canines are often the perfect companions for adventurers, it’s important to make sure you pack the essentials before your trip. Just like us, dogs need to eat and drink adequately. Make sure to pack dog food, water, and a bowl for your next trip!

Seasonal Activities


Whether the sun is shining or snow is falling, there are always great outdoor activities to be played! Some of our favorites include building a snowman and learning how to surf. Regardless of your preference there’s always a reason and an option for you to get outside and move!

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Written by: Melina Giakas

May 20, 2015

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