12 Dogs ask Tough Questions about L.A. Pup Up


The Bark & Co Pup Up Adoption Shop is hittin’ Los Angeles on August 24th and August 25th!

“Dude. Are you serious? Awesome. Wait. What’s a Pup Up?”

Glad you asked, swingin’ pup. A Pup Up is a swanky space where you can hang out with puppies (and all kinds of dogs, actually!) and find a new pack member.

“When dis happenz?”

Soon! Mark your calendars, the Pup Up is August 24th & August 25th. You can find all the details on our fancy, official Pup Up site.

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“Barooo? Where you git dees puppehs?”

Impressive collective question tiny pups! Bark & Co is teaming up with Best Friends Animal Society and their NKLA Coalition partners to bring you some of the cutest, sweetest, snuggliest dogs lookin’ for homes in L.A.!



Ok, that’s not a question but let me tell ya something else – each adopted pup comes with a SLEW of swag, including 3 months of BarkBox, 6 months of BarkCare, training sessions, and a swag bag full of goodies for the pup and owner!

“I’m a Calafernya pups. How can I git a brudder or sistah?”

Answer: head over to our Pup Up site and fill out the adoption questionnaire! Our Pup Up Matchmakers will find the perfect new pup for your pack!

Help us get these pups adopted! Share the word with your L.A. Facebook friends, pin, tweet, what-have-yous! We need your help!

P.S. Want to provide a temporary home for pups in L.A. pre-Pup Up? Let us know!

Dr. Katy Nelson

9 years ago