12 Paradise Beaches Your Dog Must Visit In Their Life

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 29, 2016

Imagine sugar-white sand beaches with endless turquoise water. Sound like paradise? Our dogs think so, too. I’ve been to many beautiful beaches with my pups Max and Louise and I can confidently say that they love the beach as much as we do.

These are a few of their favorite spots in Spain, Venezuela, and Portugal.  A dog’s life is too short to not visit one of these beaches at least once. Bon voyage!

Max and Louise have been to Spain four times: Seville, Barcelona, Alicante and Ibiza. There is nothing in this world that can compare to Ibiza and Formentera where we spent summer in 2012.  Believe or not, Ibiza isn’t just for clubbing.  There are some amazing beaches in Ibiza and Formentera, a beautiful private island just 30 minutes by boat from Ibiza.

1. Aguas Blancas Beach, Ibiza

We spent the entire day at this secret paradise famous for its golden sand and its incredibly clear water, which was perfect for snorkeling.  The beach has a restaurant and a beach bar.  It’s also a nudist-friendly spot, where dogs are also very welcome.  Max and Louise wasted the day away playing with the resident dogs.

2. Es Cavallet Beach, Ibiza


We used to go here almost every day during summer vacation as it is only a 10 minutes drive from Ibiza town. This is the official nudist beach in Ibiza and feels very private. Max and Louise enjoyed the far end of this large beach where we could find a fabulous restaurant with nice club music and cocktails. Dogs are also allowed to party at this wild and crystalline water beach!

3. Ses Illetes Beach, Formentera


We arrived at the amazing Ses Illetes Beach after a 30 minutes ferry from Ibiza.  This endless sandy beach with magical crystal clear water is where Max played during the morning until the delicious lunch we had at one of the best dog friendly restaurant ever (Juan y Andrea). Don’t miss it! Ses Illetes Beach is considered one of Europe’s most beautiful beaches – a real paradise on earth.

We spent three wonderful years living in Venezuela. At that time, Louise had not yet been born and Max was living a solo life enjoying the most beautiful beaches of his life! Venezuela boasts thousands of miles of Caribbean Sea coast and the beaches are very diverse and not so packed compared to other Caribbean destinations. These are Max’s favorites.

4. Cayo Madrisqui, Los Roques Archipelago


Los Roques is about sun, sea and sugar-fine sand! If you want to explore Caribbean’s best-kept secret, do like Max and plan a trip to Los Roques. Cayo Madrisqui (Madrisqui Key) is only 15 minutes by boat from the main Island Gran Roque. There is a lagoon created by a small reef where Max was able to play with his ball while I was interested in underwater swimming.

5. Cayo Francisqui, Los Roques Archipelago


Another 15 minutes by boat from Gran Roque, Cayo Francisqui has amazing views of the main island. Sun bathing and swimming are the best activities here and you can also visit La Piscina, a small lagoon of quiet waters where Max enjoyed to jump from the rocks into the lagoon. There is a restaurant at this little paradise where we had lunch (delicious fresh lobster!) while Max was playing with local dogs in the sand.

6. Cayo Sombrero, Morrocoy Natural Park


Morrocoy Natural Park is located in the Falcon state, in northwest Venezuela. We went there by car, a 2 hour-drive west of Caracas where we lived. To enjoy Morrocoy, we had to rent a private boat to visit different keys (cayos) with Max. Cayo Sombrero is the most popular key of Morrocoy Natural Park. A beautiful white-sand beach was Max’s favorite spot due to the fact that many children came to play with him with coconuts.  He loves that!

7. Cayo Los Juanes, Morrocoy Natural Park


Also known as “Swimming Pool,” Los Juanes is not a sand beach. It’s a huge sandbank reachable only by boat where people stop their yatchs, private or fishermen boats to enjoy the music and the warm blue water around. We stayed there for two hours and Max jumped off the boat many times, which is his absolute favorite activity on a boat trip.  On that trip, we hate from “small boats” full of fresh seafood.

8. Playa Grande, Choroni


Choroni is a 2.5h drive away from Caracas. Choroni is a beautiful colonial town on the Aragua State coast of Venezuela. It’s a paradise for surfers. The name of the main beach is Playa Grande where Max and Louise explored this wonderful white sand beach with transparent waters, many coconut trees and nice local people. After playing with the local children at the beach, Max and Louise were very tired and we took the time to have lunch at the dog friendly restaurant at the beach.

9. Puerto Escondido, Choroni

Located next to Cepe Beach, 30 minutes away from Choroni town (by boat), Puerto Escondido was the prettiest beach on the Aragua Coast. After lunch at Cepe beach, we decided to cross the mountain (10 minutes walk) to get to the hidden beach situated between two rocks. This paradise beach is called Puerto Escondido, and was a huge surprise for Max and Louise.

Max and Louise have been exploring their new country since our first day here. We moved to Portugal during the summer of 2014. We fell in love with this wonderful country and decided to visit some of its beautiful regions: Algarve, Alentejo and the Vicentina Coast. There are many reasons why visiting Portugal is a good idea, check out Max and Louise’s tips to understand why they have so much fun living in Cascais. Take note of three amazing beaches your dog must visit in your next trip to Lisbon!

10. Ribeira do Cavalo Beach, Sesimbra

Located on the municipality of Sesimbra, Ribeira do Cavalo beach is only 1 hour by car from Lisbon and a real “Caribbean Sea” in Portugal. This lovely beach is very serene because of how difficult it is to reach.  It requires walking 25 minutes along the cliffs. You can go by boat as well for what could be an unforgettable experience for you and your dog. It was a wonderful way of spending a morning with Max and Louise who love this kind of sea with no waves at all.

11. Creiro Beach, Setubal


We visited Creiro Beach and it was a perfect spot to play with Max and Louise because we were completely alone at this lovely beach with bright, soft sand and luminous crystalline waters. Situated in the Arrábida Mountain Natural Park, you can reach this beach by car from Lisbon (45 minutes max). It’s also a perfect occasion to visit one of the most beautiful Natural Parks in Portugal: Arrábida Natural Park.

12. Ursa Beach, Sintra


Welcome to Max and Louise’s private paradise only 40 minutes by car from Lisbon. Located in the Natural Park of Sintra, Ursa Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches around the world by Michelin guide . There is no surveillance here what makes dogs more than welcome during summer time in Portugal.

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 29, 2016

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