15 Sneaky Dogs Who Could Care Less About Demolishing Your Travel Plans

Since scientists recently proved that dogs do not feel guilt, we can only assume these 15 dogs do not regret their crimes and are in fact quite proud of their shameful actions. Chewed up passports, "gifts" found in suitcases, and missing wallets/credit cards are just some of the crimes these dogs are guilty of. Next time, just take your dog with you to Hawaii. Your chewed-up shoes will thank you later. 1. "Do it again, and next time it'll be the couch." dogshaming-vacay15 2. "Oops, looks like that ski trip isn't happening after all. Too bad." dogshaming-vacay5 3. "Oh dear, oh my. How ever will you navigate the dangerous Aussie outback without this? Tsk tsk. What a shame." dogshaming-vacay6 4. "Good luck writing off those business expenses on your taxes now." dogshaming-vacay2 5. "And I'll do it again!" dogshaming-vacay7 6. Dog Logic 101 dogshaming-vacay8 7. "I don't make threats, I make demands." dogshaming-vacay9 8. "What, you didn't think we'd want to see the ball drop in Times Square too?" dogshaming-vacay10 9. "If you're not careful, these glasses have it coming too." dogshaming-vacay11 10. This dog was lucky to be on vacation but didn't think they were paid enough attention. dogshaming-vacay12 11. "Good luck buying those tacky souvenirs now!" dogshaming-vacay13 12. "Look into my eyes. It was no accident." dogshaming-vacay14 13. "They couldn't have meant that much to you. After all, you left them here...with me." dogshaming-vacay4 14. "Whoops, I should watch where I aim...wouldn't want you guys' trip to be ruined or anything." dogshaming-vacay-feature 15. And then they wonder why we just leave them at home. dogshamging-vacay3
Featured image via Dog Shaming

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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