156 Beagles Play For The First Time After Rescuers Free Them From Laboratory

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 29, 2016

Beagles born and bred at a lab in Bangalore, India have just seen natural sunlight, felt dirt, and played with other dogs for the first time in their lives. On May 16th, the laboratory requested permission to use the dogs for cosmetic testing and was denied by the government.

The dogs lived in small metal cages and were given minimal food, according to Daily Mail. They had never been bathed, and some had never walked.


A volunteer for the organization, Chinthana Gopinath, told Daily Mail that some of the dogs were “wobbling,” as they had never needed to walk before. “They looked for dark corners and hesitated when our volunteers approached them,” she said, and noted that they were quite hesitant around people.


Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA) took on the enormous task of collecting the pups (now known as “freagles”) from the lab and preparing them for a new life.

adopted beagle2

They were all spayed and neutered, and each was given their very first bath. With the stench of their former life gone, the pups found a bit of peace.

after a bath

Now they’re learning how to live in a home with people who only want to love them. CUPA’s Facebook page explains that the pups are just becoming accustomed to “using the stairs, toilet training, coming up to people for a cuddle, going on walks [and] even playing with a toy.”

playing with a toy

The “freagles” have received over 1,000 adoption requests throughout the country, but their rescuers are appropriately picky when making matches. Chinthana said:

These dogs need extra amount of love, care and attention and we are looking for loving homes where they will get the best life ahead. They need to be handled patiently.

adopted beagle 3

Over 60 Beagles have found loving families so far with less than 100 more ready and waiting to experience the joys of living in a home.

CUPA depends on generous donations to keep them going. To help them continue their amazing work, please consider donating via one of the options on their website.

h/t Daily Mail + featured image via CUPA/Facebook

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 29, 2016