16 Puppies Who Were Completely Unproductive Today

If you didn't accomplish anything today, don't feel bad. These puppies were even less eventful today. Yep, even less than you. 1. "You may think you're going jogging, but I've got other plans." 1 2. "Today I shall sleep on Gus. Thanks, Gus." 2 3. "Hey George, there's a couch right here, ya weirdo." 3 4. "Can't a pup just catch a break every half hour?" 4 5. When you tell your friends you have too much work to catch up on to go out Friday night...and then pass out instantly. 5 6. "I made it all the way outside and now I'll stay here forever." 6 7. "Whoa, last night was crazy. I haven't eaten that many treats since college!" 7 8. It has been a rough morning of eating and chasing a stick. 8 9. "Moving my last limb onto the couch is hard. Don't judge me." 9 10. "Ahh, what a beautiful day to be asleep." 10 11. The only thing that would make this nap better would be a nap/belly rub power duo. 11 12. Life is better with friends on the couch cushion next to you. 12 13. "Too find...bed...zzzzzz" 13 14. "Mom, I know you always say I should get some air, so here I am." 14 15. The derp game is strong. Carry on, pupper. 15 16. "If I lie here all cute and fluffy, I don't have to move, right?" 17

Hope Bobbitt

5 years ago

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