Last 171 Dogs On This Korean Dog Meat Farm Prepare To Arrive In United States

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 4, 2016

The Humane Society International (HSI) is preparing to fly the remaining 171 former Korean meat dogs to the United States within the next two weeks. The farm in Wonju, South Korea initially housed over 250 canines—HSI workers have been bringing them over in large groups since February 2016.

husky hugs

The dogs are scheduled to settle in shelters which belong to The Humane Society of the United States’ Emergency Placement Partner program. This will be the 5th dog meat farm operation shut down by HSI to date.

Just past midnight on Tuesday, May 3, according to the SPCA of Texas, six dogs arrived at their shelter.

jindo texas spca

They will be treated for any medical conditions, and later put up for adoption to begin their new lives.

16 more dogs will call The Animal Hospital of Roxbury in Ledgewood, New Jersey a temporary home, as will St. Hubert’s Animal Rescue Center in Madison, New Jersey. Watch below to meet some of these lucky pups as they learn to come out of their shells.

President and CEO of St. Hubert’s Heather Cammisa said in a press release:

We are proud to welcome these deserving animals and make sure their stories are told to help effect change. Two of the Huskies were so happy to see one another again, they were face licking and frolicking in the cage when reunited. It is important for the world to see the individuals impacted.

As part of the plan established with HSI rescuers, the farmer will be leaving his trade to focus on mushrooms. In the past, these individuals were helped to shut down their farms and instead make a living growing chili peppers or blueberries, among other things.


Dogs on a typical meat farm will not be given beds or blankets to keep warm; they often spend their lives in cages with a floor of metal bars and sometimes a board of wood to sleep on. They do not receive regular water—instead, food given once per day is placed in a “water” bowl.

meat farm cages

It is not uncommon for these dogs have pressure sores or other deformities due to the design of the cages, but a great deal (miraculously) seem otherwise unaffected by the trauma. Charity, a Mastiff mix currently at St. Hubert’s Rescue Center, is always ready with a tail wag and kisses.


Other dogs like little Beth and Lady Edgar, will take a bit more time to realize the worst part is over. Each of these canines, when ready, will be placed up for adoption. These adoptions are not facilitated by The Humane Society, so if you are interested, please contact the shelters serving as their temporary homes.

A full list of the East Coast shelters housing dogs can be found here.

For more information on the dog meat trade in South Korea, and to donate to help offset the cost of care for these hundreds of dogs, please visit the Humane Society International website.

h/t FOX 11, featured image via SPCA of Texas/Facebook

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 4, 2016

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