18 Summer-Loving Dogs Who Probably Peed In The Pool (But Will Never Admit It)

No pool? No pawblem! These pups have some of the greatest most innovative hoomans around – creating puppy pools of bliss for their furry friends during these hot summer days.

Here are 18 dogs who definitely peed in the kiddie pool.

1. “Where is this “kitty” you speak of…?”

kid pool 4 new

2. “I have to do everything myself around here.”

3. “Water?! Ruvvvvvvv it.”

kid pool 1 new

4. “Too cool for the big pool.”

kid pool 13 new

5. “It’s not as deep as it looks, jump in!”

kid pool 9 new

6. “Get on my level, peasants.”

kid pool 6 new

7. “Does this thing have a turbo mode for filling it up?”

kid pool 11 new

8. “This is my happy place.”

kid pool 2 new

9. “Me, too big? No way, no way.”

kid pool 5 new

10. “Aw yis. Mutherpuppin’ pool balls.”

kid pool 15 new

11. “You go on that walk. I’m staying here all day.”

kid pool 10 new


13. “This is the VIP pool – four paws only.”

kid pool 7 new

14. ”Huh. This is nothing like a bath.”

kid pool 8 new

15. “Hose me, hooman.”

kid pool 3 new

16. “This spot is pawfect.”

kid pool 12 new

17. “I think I’m ready for the big dog pool.”

kid pool 17 new

18. “Does this one not come with real fishies?”

Feature image via Peanut Butter Fingers

Melina Giakas

7 years ago