20 Hounds Who’ll Help You Get over Your Fear of Clowns

Clowns really have a bad rap. Maybe for good reason... BUT, we've decided to throw them a bone to try to make their strange breed a little more well-loved. How, you ask? Puppies! Duh.

Between terrifying movies and creepy carnival caricatures, these big-shoed hoomans really have had it ruff, so we're hoping these 20 clown hounds can restore your faith in our clown friends (clowns are people, too!).

1. The cutest little clown hound we ever did see.

db3f72c05eb0ffdcb0a24457fd64f211Image via Pinterest

2. "Look deeeeeply into my eyes... you are nooooot afraid..."

Trotter_clownImage via Instagram

3. "If you start with just a nose, it's not so bad, right?"

Clown_dogImage via Twitter

4. "Ha... HA!"

Dog_clownImage via Twitter

5. Prancing pooches in polka dots: harmless.

Clown_dogImage via Flickr

6. "Why so serious?" [giggles uncontrollably] 

Dog_clown_jokerImage via Reddit

7. "Do I have to wear this?"

Clown_dog Image via Etsy

8. "This whole thing is just absurd, in my opinion."

Dog_clownImage via Pinterest

9. Wait, maybe it's unavoidable.

Dog_clownImage via Dog in Duds

10. Maybe all clowns ARE that creepy.

clown_dogImage via 3113

11. But no! No.

clowndogImage via Houston Press

12. Paw-recious.

Clown_dogImage via Pinterest

13. The most beautiful clown around!

White_clown_dogImage via Sweet Occasion

14. "I'm ready, where are my adoring fans?"

ad7201416Image via Pinterest

15. Can't...even...handle...cute...

Dog ClownImage via Cutest Paw

16. "Pass me the birthday cake!"

Dog_clownImage via Pinterest

17. "Mum! No one laughed at my jokes."

dog_clownImage via Pinterest

18. "I can't believe we have matching outfits! Now I have to go change."

dogs_clownsImage via S Joyce

19. Yes. Cute clowns. Get used to it.

Clown_dogImage via Pinterest

20. "Do yourself a favor, go hug a clown."

clownDogImage via Pup Life

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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