21 Dogs We Wish We Knew In Real Life

Forget celebrities. The people we wish to meet in real life are butt sniffers of a different variety (the four-legged kind). Below, 21 of the coolest ones. 1. Whoever this chill dog is, so that we can ask them what they're contemplating. Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 6 2. Whoever these dogs are, so that we can ask them who won this poop duel. meetdogs2 3. This dog, so that they can teach us their photobombing game. meetdog3 4. Whoever this dog is, for knowing how to relax and get away from it all. meetdog5 5. This dog, for learning to conquer his fear (and catch dem squirrels). gfSGqKq 6. This dog, for taking the best Easter picture ever. meetdog4 7. This dog, so that we can ask them if they remember what they did that night. meetdog6 8. This dog, so that they can teach us the correct way to ignore annoying people. meetdog7 9. These dogs, so that they can accompany us on grocery day. meetdog8 10. This dog, for being an IRL Snoopy. XwTLMnK (1) 11. This dog, for being the coolest mutherpupper on the planet. meetdog9 12. Whoever this dog is, for not giving up on those gymnastic dreams. meetdog10 13. This dog, for not leaving the apartment all weekend and not caring what you think. meetdog11 14. This dog, for living up to the phrase, "Ain't no mountain high enough."
[caption width="400" align="aligncenter"] Source: Imgur[/caption]
15. This dog, so that he can throw our next birthday party. dog-in-ball-pit 16. This dog, so that they can give us some Halloween costume pointers. meetdog12 17. This pomeranian, so that they can teach us the meaning of euphoric freedom. dogmeet13 18. Ditto for this dog. dog-loves-wheat-field 19. This dog, so that he can teach us how to play soccer like a boss. dog-playing-soccer 20. Whoever this dog is, because we want a sip, too. meetdog14 21. And lastly, these dogs, for being too freakin' adorable. dogmeet15

Tiffany White

6 years ago

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