The Top 6 Most Meme-Worthy Dogs Attempt To Break The Internet

Written by: Erin Webreck

February 27, 2015

Nothing satisfies like a hilarious dog meme. Take a cute pic, add a funny caption, and we’re on board. But let’s face it, some breeds are more meme-able than others. Below is our primer of the six most memed breeds, along with the meme movements they inspired.

1. Shiba Inus: The “Doge” meme

“so original doge meme such popular much imitators”

doge original

2. Golden Retrievers: The “I have no idea what I’m doing” meme

“Wait, are they making fun of us? I don’t get it.”


3. Bulldogs: The “Seductive Bulldog” meme

“Uncontrollable swagger.”



4. Huskies: The “Condescending Husky” meme

“Oh, you don’t understand this meme? I feel so sorry for you.”

condescending husky

5. Pugs: The “Introspective Pug” meme

“I don’t know, man, I just… make a great meme.”


6. Chihuahuas: The “Chihuahua Logic” meme

“Oh, you outweigh me 50 to 1? PREPARE TO DIE.”



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Written by: Erin Webreck

February 27, 2015