14 Dogs Who Will Do Anything To Get Into Bed With You

Written by: Erin Webreck

March 10, 2015

If you aren’t among the half of all pet parents who already share a bed with your dog, then you probably know the struggle of your dog trying to convince you that they’d make a great bed buddy.

Dogs take a variety of approaches in manipulating their humans to this end. Here are 14 of the most insidious.

1. The Hypnotist


2. The Sophist

“Oh, you think I’m on the bed? Well, you’re wrong. I clearly have two paws on the floor.”


3. The Impersonator

“They’ll never recognize me in the kid’s footie PJs.”


4. The Negotiator

“If I bring you breakfast in bed, I can join you, right?”


5. The Whiner

“Pleeeeeeease please please pleaseeeeeeee.”

6. The Noisemaker


7. The Creep

“I’ll just wait here until they fall asleep. Then the foot of the bed is mine, all mine.”


8. The Ninja

“They see nothing. They know nothing.”


9. The Flirt

“Come on, look how cute I am. Don’t you want this adorable face up there on the pillow next to you?”


10. The Drama Queen

“Look how you’re making us suffer, you monsters! Let us up there!”
dogsinbeds puppies

11. The Denier


12. The It’s Easier-To-Ask-For-Forgiveness-Than-Pawmission

“I know you don’t want me on the bed. But the sad truth is, I’m bigger than you and I’ll do what I want.”


13. The Intellectual

“Okay, let’s reason this out. I don’t take up much space. I don’t snore. I don’t kick in my sleep. I just had a bath and I smell terrific. Therefore, there’s no compelling reason to keep me off the bed.”


And finally:

14. The Quitter

“Fine. I know when I’m not wanted.”


Written by: Erin Webreck

March 10, 2015