Abandoned Pup’s Emotional Saga Will Make You Love Your Fellow Human Even More

There are many stories out there of dogs getting a second chance at happiness after overcoming unbelievable odds. It is especially heartwarming, then, when these dogs are able to trust again after being rescued. It's almost like they can sense that someone cares about them and wants to love them. These are the stories that give us hope, the ones that stick with us for days. Here's one such story, told in photos, of a Pittie that was found in the woods of Brazil by one incredibly giving human being named Wilson Martins Coutinho. D5D2ykG NhHtsao porvwtp BBtN2Dx 9WNaKX8 sS8ViQh EB2y9o4 CxGG0qb E26zcew EwakM7H s77n56H q1QerZ0 jcoZFXJ GTHZMjn HtNWzqJ NEU09jw v7Vy3Rn YcsuCv3 ONVO3cT raK1OVz Xc8ZbOa YM9TiNx ZhlEm7k dAHKzkc 2KbtxBD JZ0s7BV 4U3rW85 To see more stories like this one, visit Wilson's Facebook page.
h/t to DogHeirs All images via Wilson Martins Coutinho

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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