Shelter Dogs Get The Starring Role They Deserve In Movie Themed Adoption Posters

We love when people do great things for adoptable dogs. Especially when those great things are done with an extra splash of creativity! That's why we love the work that Los Angeles couple Dmitry and Erica are doing to help provide local homeless dogs forever homes. Working together with photographer Emily Reiter of Anna Delores Photography and designer Izzie Mattox, the couple combined their two biggest passions - film and dogs - for a great cause. Each of the pups were shot on a green screen, and with the magic of Photoshop, transformed into a classic movie poster! Check out these rad designs that were created to give a special twist to adoptable rescues from high-kill shelters. 1. Rrrawarwwwggrrhh! This Chewbacca tribute is really just a loving pup who wants to join your family. 1-BYnG__T79Uj46-ia9xNEzQ 2. May the fur be with you. 1-sNTApMxWs-mPY8M7PLXukA 3. Adopt me, you shall. Because cute, I am. 1-YRmqtIip11I12lD-y6tYxQ 4. Keep your friends close, but keep your four-legged friends closer.  1-H5UpYYTwBCYxrJA1AR2GYw 5. Quick! Grab his hat! And his leash. And take him home.  1-Sc2qWKDUfCCXWemFfPibFQ 6. This poster accurately portrays dogs for what they are: heros. 1-oglJrsMIzJrVIQ3v3D8K5Q 7. The holidays are a time for love and family. Shouldn't it be the same for these pups? 1-xst1ppdELBSxlbCIEoOPbw 8. T-Rex don't scare Hobbit the Yorkie.  1-AEes0KwDEbccD618kerimg 9. This pup defeated He-who-must-not-be-named. Check out his sweet specs. 1-diS_i70I__5htPcKamI1bw 10. King Kong. Get it? ;)  1-Yj8aJWedVni5cEeEMI_3SQ 11. Because all dogs are super. 1-ff1Rq2wwlEMxb6nGhmYX9w To learn more about Erica & Dmitriy's project or find out how to adopt one of these dogs, check out their story here.  

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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