Atom The Driving Pug Loves Nothing More Than Being Behind The Wheel

Written by: Jonathan Graziano

December 11, 2015

Not all pugs are built to take the wheel, but Atom is made up of fur, folds, and a need for speed.


Richard and Amber Briant of Toronto, Canada adopted six year old Atom the Pug after a couple with a newborn baby were concerned they would be unable to care for him properly. After being attacked by a dog and losing part of his ear, Atom was feeling pretty low. His new owners, equipped with a fervent love for their bundle of fur, decided to start taking photos and videos of Atom driving cars/tractors/various mobile devices to help boost his confidence.

It worked.

photo 2

Since his pictures first debuted on Richard’s Facebook page, Atom has since acquired nearly 30,000 likes on his very own Facebook page. As his popularity has grown, so has Atom’s driving skills. Although he doesn’t technically drive, he is ready to jump onto any steering wheel he can find. Richard explains that Atom does this naturally and is never happier than when he’s on a shoot. He knows how to strike a pose, and knows exactly what to do when the camera starts rolling.

dog 3

Even with all of his fame, Atom still enjoys the simpler things in life, like playing with his siblings: Guinness the bulldog, Stella the mini Shar Pei, and Kitti the cat.

Nobody can say for sure where Atom’s driving is going to take him, but as long as the pictures keep coming, we’ll be riding shotgun the whole time!

h/t to Daily Mail

Written by: Jonathan Graziano

December 11, 2015