13 Terrible Back-To-School Advice From Your Dog (Who Wishes You’d Just Stay Home)

Let's be real. Going back to school after a nice long summer can be ruff. Sure there are plenty of eager-beavers ready to go back, but there are also plenty of people who aren't. We like to think that are our dogs could give some pretty compelling advice on the topic, but they don't seem so anxious for their tiny hoomans to catch the school bus. Let's take a look at their words of wisdom: 1. "Your first day of school outfit never looks quite how you envision it." kiki_minpin 2. "And your backpack? Forget it, that thing is going to be a wreck in less than a week." samuel.the.chi 3. "The only thing backpacks are good for are make-shift pillows." schooldog 4. "Speaking of pillows, do you really want to start off your day like this?" gaborandmario 5. "Do you want me to start off my day like this?" sleepydog 6. "Don't lie to yourself. Getting up early won't get easier." kobelung 7. "And if you're still not sold, just think about that perfect project that eventually ended up in the garbage." tesschooldogcisco 8. "You did the school thing last year, did you really get 100 days smarter?" tesschooldogcisco2 9. "Or did you get 100 days more depressed?" 11378424_1440251072950782_1593536942_n 10. "These books make me feel cold and empty." clap.your.hands 11. "And pool time. What's going to happen to pool time?" mrpthepom 12. "Don't you like pool time?" pooljump 13. "So take the work out of homework and just stay home and reeelaxx! There's a spot for you right here!" couch

Feature image via Soggydan Benenovitch

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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