There’s a Huge Problem With Adopting Dogs. Here’s How We Want To Fix It.

We’ve seen great success with BarkBuddy, our "Tinder" for dogs. To date it's had 100,000 downloads, with 3 million pup profiles viewed through it in the past 3 months! However, since it's release, we’ve also seen some road blocks emerge in the adoption process. With this first version of BarkBuddy, users were getting matched with dogs--but then both adopters and rescue organizers were getting frustrated. Print Since they wanted the same results, we had to ask: What was the problem? When we surveyed our users and our rescue partners, we found adopters were applying for a few dozen dogs (that’s a lot of adoption paperwork) before finding the right match. And on the shelter’s side, we saw their volunteers had to do a lot of leg work to get to know adopters. bb20b When pain points like these arise in the Bark & Co process from conception to delivery, our team tackles them with a deep investigation, comes up with a creative solution, and then finds the technology and team to put the fix in place. So for the release of BarkBuddy 2.0, there were two key questions that Bark & Co considered: “What is the problem that needs to be solved?” and “What is the best way we can use our company’s unique perspective, dynamic team, and access to technology to make an impact?” bb20 We knew we could integrate solutions to convert more BarkBuddy users into adopters. So now, in the new release, adopters will find the app easier to browse, experience a faster way to share pups with friends, and have the ability to go through their history so they don’t accidentally swipe left on their pup-soulmate. Plus, there will be two new exciting products! BarkApproved BarkApproved allows an adopter to fill out a BarkApproved Profile. Complete with photos of where the pup will hang out, the ability to build an interactive representation of their family, and tell any rescue a little bit about the pup they are looking for, it goes a long way in helping rescues to get to know potential adopters better! Our team makes sure all pertinent information is provided, and then the adopter can share this with any shelter or rescue. Basically, BarkApproved akin to the college Common Application; you fill it out only once, but you can share it with a dozen organizations! This saves everyone a ton of time, and gives a rescue organization almost everything they need to know quickly and immediately! Print BarkBuddy Match Looking for the perfect pack member and need a helping paw researching available dogs, setting up meet and greets, and sealing the deal? BarkBuddy Match is a $99 VIP service that teams an adopter up with one of our rescue pup matchmakers, and they’ll make sure you have a new pup in your pack within 30 days, frustration free! Print It takes a pack to make Bark & Co such a successful, innovative product-building, BarkBox-selling machine. We have creative, whip-smart, dog-loving people in design, technology, operations, acquisition, support, content creation and community. Since Bark & Co launched, this diverse team has dreamt up solutions to the problem of dog homelessness (sometimes around a meeting table, sometimes over beers). Thrilled doesn’t begin to describe our ventures into the rescue world. We hope you’ll come along with us and help us make sure every dog is happy, healthy and in a loving home! On that note, we’re on the look out for pawsome rescue groups/shelters to partner with as we roll out these new features. Comment below with the names/websites of any dog-savin’ groups that you love! [caption id="attachment_34410" align="alignnone" width="600"]via Todd Balsley via Todd Balsley[/caption]
Featured Image via Darwin Dogs

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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