Bartender Receives $1,000 Tip From Generous Dog Lovers

Stop us if you've heard this one: dog ruver walks in to a bar... and leaves with a $1,000! At least, that's what happened to Christina Summitt of New Jersey. Summit's paw-print tattoo led to a conversation with the friendly couple she was serving about her darling pup, a Great Dane-black Labrador mix named Tucker, and the expense of his recent surgery. Christina-Summitt-tip-dog-surgery-jpg
Summit was pawsitively shocked when she saw the couple had left a $1,0000 tip for their $80 meal! When she ran back to fetch them and make sure they meant to leave such a generous amount, she was told to put it toward her pup's medical bills. 1000dollartip
Tucker is happily recovering at home and as for Summit? "I would also love nothing more than to publicly thank this couple in front of the world. I've never seen a random act give so many people so much hope," Summit wrote of the experience. Here's hoping we can help her send high paws their way!
Source: CNN

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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