Major League Baseball’s Pup-Friendly Events Let You Take Your Dog Out To The Ballgame, Too

Written by: Katie Kirnan

February 29, 2016

Dog lovers and baseball fans rejoice — the ballpark and the dog park have finally joined forces! Several major league ballparks are offering pup-friendly events for the 2016 baseball season.

life with beau
Here are just some of the baseball teams helping you enjoy the dog days of summer baseball…with your dog.

1. The Cincinnati Reds

reds dog 2
The Reds are expanding their Bark in the Park program for the 2016 season. The club will offer four different opportunities for dogs to accompany their humans to games. Check out the full schedule here.

2. The New York Mets

Being a Mets fan is generally a painful experience. For reference, see every year since 1962, other than ’69 and ’86, or this helpful meme below.

mets meme
But the heartbreak that all Mets fans feel from decades of losing (and losing badly) is greatly reduced by the team’s awesome Bark in the Park events.

mets bark in the park
Profits from the dogs’ tickets benefit North Shore Animal League, the world’s biggest no-kill animal rescue and adoption group. And, if you and your dog arrive early to the game, you can participate in the Dog Parade on the field! Where the actual Mets lose play!

mets lose meme
Check back on The Mets’ website for more info (and their exact dog dates) as opening day approaches!

3. The Tampa Bay Rays

First of all, Tampa Bay gets point (er, runs?) for their awesome event name: Dog Days At The Rays.

dog days at the rays
For the last few years, the Florida-based club has held several dog-friendly events. In last year’s 2015 season, two home games were specifically designated as Dog Days. For just $30, you and your pup get seats in the “party deck” (sounds legit) and your dog receives a special Dog Day-themed item.

dog days 2
Check back on the team website for their 2016 dates!

4. The Washington Nationals

washn ationals 2
This season, the Washington Nationals have an INSANE lineup…of dog-friendly events. (I don’t know anything about the team — still trying to figure out if they’re in Washington state or Washington, D.C.) Anyway, their Pups in the Park program has a slew of dates already scheduled, from April all the way until October.

wahsingotn nationals

This could be you and your dog on the Jumbotron.

Click here for the full lineup and to purchase tickets. And find out exactly where the team is located.

5. The Pittsburgh Pirates

Pup Nights at the Pirates’ PNC Park are back and better than ever! With you and your dog’s ticket comes reserved seating on the Miller Lite Rooftop and a range of fun activities for pups and pup parents.

pirates use
To purchase tickets, click here.

6. The Houston Astros

houston astros
The Houston Astros have hosted Astros Dog Day before, and the photos posted from these past events are pretty drool-worthy. The club is still finalizing their 2016 dates, so be sure to check back on their website soon.

7. The Texas Rangers

boxer texas rangers
The Texas Rangers are celebrating their 11th annual Bark at the Park this year on Saturday, May 12th. 11th annual. That’s, like, 77th annual in dog years.

rangers 2
For more details, check out their website for this season here.

8. The Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City club provides a couple of opportunities this year for you and your dog to catch some baseball — and maybe even literally. Pups and pup parents sit in the left outfield section of the ballpark, so you might just snag a home run if one is hit your way. Just don’t expect your dog to be any help in catching fly balls — they’ll be too interested in whatever you’re eating.

life with beau 2

For this season’s Bark at the Park dates, click here.

9. The San Diego Padres

The San Diego Padres’ ballpark is The Petco Park, so naturally, they host dog events. (They better.) The club already has some dates on their calendar, so be sure to check ’em out here.

10. The Arizona Diamondbacks

As of now, the Arizona Diamondbacks have just one Bark at the Park date on their calendar — on Sunday, May 1st — but it’s sure to be a great one, so grab your tickets now before they sell out.

Opening Day is fast approaching, so now is the time to snag some tickets for your and your pup! Before taking your dog to the ballpark, it’s best to confirm the team’s rules and regulations regarding pups in the stadium. And make sure your dog is fully vaccinated and generally well-behaved with other furry friends.

reds dog 1
But most importantly, be prepared for your dog to give you this annoyed look when they realize you brought them to an event where they must watch a ball being thrown around — but they can’t chase after it.

pirates 2

Featured image via Washington Post-Gazette

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Written by: Katie Kirnan

February 29, 2016

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