These Boys’ Faces After Their Dog’s Cliffside Rescue Say It All

While on vacation, the Bateman family of Cornwall, England set out for a walk with Border Terrier Maddie by their side. At some point, the curious dog roamed a bit too close to a cliffside overlooking Constantine Bay, and she tumbled over the edge.

maddie on the cliffside

Brothers Marcus and Jacob were scared for their best friend’s life when they pinpointed her whimpering to a spot fifty feet down the cliffside. Maddie’s perch was by no means stable, and she could have slipped onto the sheer rock face below with one wrong move.


Luckily, the Padstow Coastguard Cliff Rescue team arrived armed with a big red bag and tools to rappel safely down to the frightened pup. She hopped inside with no qualms as the pair hoisted themselves back to the top, where Mom, Dad, and the boys were waiting.

madde rescue

“They did an amazing job rescuing our Maddie,” said Anna, the boys’ mother. “So professional, helpful and caring.” And there was zero doubt on those boys’ faces as to their relief at being able to hug their dog again.


Thanks so much to Maddie’s rescuers for their quick response! We think she’s had enough up-close views of the bay for one vacation.

h/t + featured image via Plymouth Herald

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago