Breakfast comes with your choice of side salad or side eye

hehehehe Here we have Samantha Tananbaum’s photo of her dog who deeply regretted attending this brunch. Who hasn’t been there? You know, when your friends from highschool invite you over for bagels and you have to show your face because they were there for you when you thought black low-lights were really flattering? And they never judged you for kissing that boy with the chain wallet? But then they start talking about spouses, and babies, and law degrees, and mortgages and you’re just trying to get back to your studio apartment to binge watch Frasier? What, is that not relatable? Is it just me? Well, at least this dog knows what I’m talking about. I’m here for you, doggo! Your life choices are valid! After a brunch like that, we all deserve some relaxation.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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