British Celebrities Spent The Weekend Frolicking With Their Cute New Puppies

Celebrity chef and notorious tough motherpupper Gordon Ramsay recently showed his squishy side while frolicking with his family and a brand-new Cocker Spaniel puppy on the beach in Cornwall, England. The Scottish-born restaurateur announced the family’s new addition via an Instagram post of his daughter doing her version of #DogSimba.

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The family of six enjoyed an excursion-filled holiday whilst little Bruno followed along.

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The TV personality also displayed his totally buff legs in some pinstriped swim trunks!


Speaking of British dad bods, David Beckham and his family just welcomed Olive, an darling little fluffbutt. Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham posted an Instagram snap of their “new baby.”

Mrs. Beckham also shared a video of Olive running in slow-motion, ears flopping adorably. Oh my dog.

We definitely envy these celebri-dogs, who are living in the literal laps of luxury!

Featured image via George Bamby / Splash News

h/t Daily Mail; Now Magazine

Claire Beaudreault

7 years ago