Bulldog And His Hump Pillow Are A Hotter Couple Than Kim And Kanye

Written by: Jared Evan

May 4, 2016

We all know what it’s like to have a case of, ahem, puppy love. Especially when it comes to Bulldogs and their pillows. In order to breakdown and understand what puppy love really is, allow us to turn to the great Marvin Gaye for help:

This Bulldog is hot like an oven and needs some lovin’.


It turns out he couldn’t hold it much longer; it was getting stronger and stronger.


All you need to know is when this Bulldog gets that feeling, he needs sexual healing.


Uh, perhaps you should watch for yourself and see what we’re talking about.

h/t Best Damn Videos/Facebook

Written by: Jared Evan

May 4, 2016