Cadet Saves Collie Pup Mascot from Being Crushed by Football Player

As a cadet at Texas A&M, one thing is certain: Protect the dog mascot Reveille at all costs.  One cadet did just that last Saturday. During the Aggies game against SMU, wide receiver Der’rikk Thompson was attempting to catch an overthrown pass and veered wildly out of bounds.  Thompson was on a direct line to run in to Reveille VIII.  That's when cadet and Reveille's handler Ryan Kreider jumped in front of the receiver, taking the full brunt of the impact and saving Reveille from any harm.  Watch the awesome video below! [caption id="attachment_22618" align="aligncenter" width="698"]GIF via Yahoo News GIF via Yahoo News[/caption] After the incident, Kreider was interviewed about the collision and what went through his mind when the SMU player was barreling towards their beloved mascot. For his heroic and timely actions, cadet Kreider will receive his $1,300 senior boots for free.  According to ESPN, "Brig. Gen. Joe Ramirez Jr., the commandant of the Corps, was watching the game on TV when he saw Kreider's action. He later offered to pay for Kreider's custom-made boots, a footwear tradition for Aggie seniors." It is also something to note that Reveille is the highest-ranking member of the Corps.  So not only was Kreider protecting the mascot, he was also protecting his superior.  Pretty dang cool!  

Featured image via NY Times

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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