10 Things Only Your Dog Is Chill Enough To Do With You

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 18, 2015

There are some things that you can’t do, even with your closest friends. That’s when you have to bring in the big dogs. Or the little dogs. Any kind of dog at all, really. Why? Because your beloved pet is a friend you can always call upon. You know how people say that dogs are a person’s best friend? That really applies in these ten situations:

1. Watch Animal Planet for hours.


This also applies to long sessions on Youtube watching cute animal videos. Really, you shouldn’t subject any human to this kind of torture. But your pup will be happy to spend the time with you, and you can cram in all of the animal adorableness that you crave. Just remember to let your dog out to the bathroom, please?

2. Go for long walks without talking.


Sometimes you just want to experience nature without having to hear about your friend’s new obsession with Soul Cycle or their horrible boss. Going for a walk with your pup will give you some quiet time, while you also fulfill your responsibility of being a pet owner.

3. Go for long walks… and only talk about yourself.


On the other end of the spectrum, having a pet is fantastic because they will always listen. You can blather on about your hot yoga instructor and your desire to lose a pants size without subjecting an actual human to the agony. Here’s to having a pup!

4. Watch your guilty pleasure for hours on end.

Some people don’t like watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians as much as you do. The fact that E! keeps on playing marathon after marathon of the show doesn’t do much to help your addiction, either. So when you can’t resist plopping down to watch Kim and Khloe for a few hours, you’ll always have someone’s paw to squeeze when you can’t believe how crazy that family is. Luckily for your friends, you won’t be bothering them.


5. Let out your inner child.


Do you ever want to run around like a kid on the playground again? Guess what? So does your dog, every second of every day. While your friends might be exhausted from work or taking care of their kids, your pooch will always be down for some frolicking adventures. Time to run!

6. Get insanely excited about little things.

dogs jumping

Sometimes people just don’t appreciate the little things in life. If you get a package in the mail, you should celebrate! And when you have a dog, you’ll have a partner in crime. Run around the house, play chase, pump up some music, and have a good old fashioned dance party for no reason. No matter what time of day, your dog will pick up on your energy and want to join in on the fun.

7. Have a massive photo shoot.


Your pet loves having their photo taken. Or even better, they don’t notice that you’re taking pictures at all. That’s why you can snap pic after pic, filter them, and still get your pooch to pose for more– all with no complaint. Every photo lover should stop subjecting their friends to their Vogue-like whims and get a pet, instead.

8. Spill your deepest secrets.

We all have something that we haven’t confessed to anyone, not even our closest friends. Enter: dogs. They’re better than priests or therapists when it comes to confession, because there is literally zero chance that they will tell anyone. So, do you have something weighing on your shoulders? Go ahead and tell Fido. You’ll feel better, and they’ll just be grateful for the attention.

9. Gossip shamelessly.

Focused mongrel dog with big ears

Sometimes you just wanna talk smack. Of course, we all know that’s dangerous territory. If you tell Leila that you think that Alicia’s new haircut is horrible, there’s a good chance that your remark will get back to her. But if you tell your dog? Again, there’s no chance that your opinions are going anywhere. Dogs really should become licensed therapists.

10. Have an instant cuddle buddy.


After a long day, sometimes only one thing will do– a long, fuzzy cuddle with your favorite pooch. There’s nothing better than the unconditional love of your pet.  Your friends and family might have other obligations, but your dog? They’ll be there to cuddle ’til the cows come home.


Featured image via @sweetmonicakes

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 18, 2015