Cool Dog Science: What’s Your Dog’s Go-To Jam?

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 26, 2017

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What are the best tunes to please your pup when you’re chilling at home together? When you’re on a road trip, what radio station is your furry navigator trying to find? Wanna find the right “Mom’s at work” music so your dog can rock out ‘til you clock out?

Turns out, a bunch of certified science humans had these same questions, so they conducted a study to see if they could suss out a dog’s favorite jam.

A bunch of dogs from a rehoming shelter in Scotland participated in the study. Their mission: to sit around and listen to music all day, without having to talk to a soul. (And yet when I do this all day, I’m “ruining Thanksgiving.” Go figure!)

The pups listened to soft rock, classical, reggae and Motown, and their reactions were quite varied. But overall, the pups in the study seemed to prefer soft rock and reggae.

A few takeaways from the study—see if this holds true for your pup!

1. Your dog will have their own favorite genre, so try playing them a few different tunes.

The dogs had mixed reactions to the genres, “highlighting the possibility that like humans, our canine friends have their own individual music preferences,” in the words of Professor Neil Evan. Some dogs like The Beagles, some prefer The Rolling Bones.

2. If your dog lays down while the music is on, that probably means they like it.

People looking for a quiet night of Netflix will appreciate this one. The study showed that dogs who are played music are more likely to lay down while they listen, rather than spend that time standing up. When you’re closer to the floor you can like, feel the vibrations of the soundwaves, you dig man???

3. If your dog is maxin’ and relaxin’ to the music, their heart rate might slow down- in a good way.

During the study, the dogs’ heart rates slowed. This suggests that a dog listening to music might be feeling calmer and experiencing less stress. Sounds pretty chill, dude.

Try this at home!

The results of the study were so staggering that the Scottish SPCA decided to start playing music for dogs in their centers all the time! (Just leave your bagpipes at home, ok guys? No hard feelings, I swear.)

Since most dogs in the study leaned towards reggae and soft rock, we’ve included a BarkPost curated reggae and soft rock playlist so you can try it out on your dog to see how they react! Oh and then go ahead and share your findings with us.

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 26, 2017