The Fearsome Corgi May Become Russia’s Newest Breed Of Police Dog

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 18, 2016

Picture, for a moment, a smiling, 25-pound fluffball charging full speed after its perp—bat ears pressed flat, waddling as fast as its legs are capable.

running corgi

Something tells us either one of two things will happen. 1) The perp in question will stop immediately, overcome by the Corgi’s aura of cute, or 2) A great many of them will remain at large due entirely to the fact that the Corg will tire quickly and want belly rubs.

reverse sploot

It’s a good thing, then, that Russian police are enlisting a fleet of Corgi pups into official training—not to do a German Shepherd’s job, but to detect bombs and contraband in tight spaces. Finally, their weasel-like proportions will be put to admirable use helping serve justice.

Head of Moscow’s canine unit Elena Haikova tells Newsweek:

It is not certain that they will be able to join the ranks of service dogs, but even if they don’t the experiment will be interesting for everyone. We will try out the breed in search operations.

The trainors have already chosen a pair of pups to test their theory (that the Corgi’s low-rider status will aid them as sniffer dogs)—at two-months and six-months-old. Right now, this is the hero protecting Russia. This guy, right here. (Note: the photo below does not depict the actual police puppy in training. You get the picture.)

corgi puppy

Haikova adds, “They still need to grow, be trained and undergo every test. […] The dogs may buckle under the workload.”

Though the Corgis chutzpah is yet to be seen, we are eager to see these nuggets in uniform. Good luck to the young trainees, and may you always use those noses for good.

h/t Newsweek, featured image via Miyo Sekimoto/Flickr

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 18, 2016