The Corniest Dog Dad Jokes Of All Time So Far (There Will Be More, Sigh)

Dog dads are great. Except when they tell their dog dad jokes. Here are just a few of their eye-rolling, groan-worthy, cringe-inducing duds:

1. What excuse did the dog give his teacher?

dog ate homework

Dad, come onnnnn. Dogs don’t do homework! They don’t even go to school! Maybe you should’ve paid more attention in class.

2. What do you call a dog with dough around its face?

pug in bread

Dad! Have you gone bonkers?! Pugs are adorable. And where in the living heck did you find this picture?!

3. What do dogs eat for brunch?


Wait, hold on a sec, Dad. Did you mean… waffles? Ugh. You did, didn’t you. You’re embarrassing me.

4. How was the dog party last night?


Oh, Dad. There you go again. Breed specific dog dad jokes are the WORST.

5. What is a dog’s favorite time to go to the bathroom?


Dad!!! Have you gone bananas?! Dogs can’t tell time! And they definitely don’t always poop at two thirty! I mean, sure, sometimes they poop at two thirty but sometimes they poop at ten o’clock, or three forty-five, or six-oh-six. One time I saw a dog poop at nine twenty-three. I mean, geez, Dad!

6. What do you call a sad Lassie dog?


Oh I get it, Dad. Melon collie, melancholy. Har har har. Reallllll clever.

7. How do cats and dogs get along?


Wait, Dad. Is that even a joke? All you did was repeat yourself.

8. What do you get when you cross a dog and —


Have any horrifically bad dog dad jokes that you need to
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Featured image via @dirkkowalski13/Instagram

Katie Kirnan

6 years ago