Missing Country Singer’s Dog Bravely Guarded Best Friend’s Body Until Help Arrived

Written by: Katie Haller

December 31, 2015

Lead singer of the band Backroad Anthem, Craig Strickland, 29, set out with his friend, Chase Morland, 22, and his dog Sam on Sunday night. The three went duck hunting, and sadly it might have been the last time they would all be together.


They were reported missing after the boat capsized during their trip, until Monday morning when Morland’s body was found with Strickland’s black lab, Sam, loyally standing by his body.

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On Monday night, Strickland’s wife tweeted about how both loyal and brave same was.

She also reached out for prayers, that the other man in her life would return home.


The south has been hit by fierce weather for the past week, which prompted quite an eerie tweet from Morland just before the three of them set off for their trip.


While there is nothing good about this situation, the return of their dog is at least a beam of light in this tragedy. Randy Strickland. Craig’s father, posted this on the band’s Facebook page:

The search has been called off for the night, bringing boat with sonar in morning. A friend gave me these words! We are trying to think of a scenario where he is still alive. Hoping against the odds. We can’t even stand to think about it. We are devastated. Only God & time can put us back together.

While the outcome may seem bleak, we write about dogs and humans who beat the odds every day. And at least they have Sam to be the beam of light they need in this tragic event.

Written by: Katie Haller

December 31, 2015