Y’ALL: BarkBox is GIVING New Subscribers Fancy Portraits of Their Pooches

Greetings from the 14th century, an era of aristocracy, plague, and artistic rediscovery! What a time to maybe be alive.

The talented artists at Crown & Paw transform your pup's likeness into a glorious piece of Renaissance art, so your lord or lady can survey their home like the royalty they are. And now, you can get your own custom portrait FOR FREE when you sign up for a multi-month BarkBox plan through November 24th at midnight!

Except these are even better than true Renaissance art, in which the dogs look like smirking potatoes who bork in Middle English.

Renaissance-ify your spiky dogs...

Your squeaky dogs...

Your squawky dogs...

Your scaly dogs...

Your baaAaAAaa dogs...

Your DOG dogs...

And, yes, your cats.

But especially your dogs.

All you need to do is provide a photo of your pup at eye-level, in good lighting, and in clear focus (Crown & Paw has a list of photo guidelines for the best results), and the artists will work their digital magic and send it to your door.

We never knew how much we needed this. Click this link to get your pup portrait FREE with a multi-month BarkBox subscription, and fare thee well!

Dr. Katy Nelson

2 years ago

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