Cuteness Is An Etsy-Like Paradise For Dogs And The Humans Who Love Them

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

January 21, 2016

Designer Scott Meskill was just a pet lover hanging with his friends on when the pet-centric community opened an Etsy-like marketplace exclusively for handcrafted pet products.

Now Meskill is selling eclectic pet dish designs from his Bow Wow Meow Chow shop.

“With the opening of the pet marketplace, I saw a great opportunity to connect my designs with a very targeted audience,” Meskill said.

Cuteness evolved organically, according to co-founder Erick Laubach. He and his wife, Lisa, created this “Facebook for pets” in 2008.

“As more and more pets joined, we kept getting the same question — can I sell my products on your site?” Laubach said. “Eventually, the requests became so frequent that it became a no-brainer to create a marketplace for pet products.”

Cuteness launched its new marketplace in just the last few months, with a stable of artisans and established small businesses that sell handcrafted products for pets and pet lovers.
Meskill makes furniture with reclaimed materials, including elevated pet dishes.

“When a batch of old skateboards came into my possession, it seemed like a good opportunity to work them into the designs,” Meskill said. “Viewing [pet dishes] as little pieces of furniture really allows for an unlimited amount of design possibilities.”
Kathy Vayda’s Vintage White Elephant sells dog beds that are admired by family, friends and even celebrities like Lena Denham.

“With my love for fabrics and a love for pets, I wanted to create a comfortable, cozy, but also beautiful bed that would be part of someone’s home,” Kathy said. “There is a lot of thought that goes into each bed. Fabrics are chosen from all over the world. Some are new; some are vintage.”
Each bed comes with a pillow and a waterproof, zippered cover. Both can be pulled out so you can wash the bed’s main cover. And Vayda sews every stitch herself.
While Susan Davidson doesn’t make her PoopPac bags herself, the concept is all hers. The bags give dog walkers a place to hold poop bags, their keys, their ID… and even the poop itself.

“Carrying fresh, smelly, warm poop (yes I know gross…) in one hand and your coffee/child’s items in the other… clearly there was a need for a better way to manage these tasks hygienically and odor free,” Davidson said. “I wanted a case that both met the need and yet looked cool and unisex and also ‘discreet’.”
Davidson came across Cuteness and liked it so much, she asked to join in just the last month.

Dog lovers can also find gear for them to express their canine love: including these clever earrings from Nerdy But Still Girly
Or this whimsical doggy artwork by Artimals
And Cuteness has products for lovers of cats, birds, guinea pigs and even fish. Discover more handcrafted pet products at

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

January 21, 2016