LIMITED EDITION: Get Your Dog A Grinch BarkBox For $5 With A New Plan (AND A FREE EXTRA TOY EVERY MONTH!)

BAHHHH HUMBUTTS! C'mon folks, even the Grinch was a dog person! Thinkin' about maybe, perhaps, possibly signing your dog up for a box of joy every month? <-- Click that link and choose the Grinch theme to ~steal~ our most popular box OF ALL TIME!

Only while these green grumps last, you can Grinch-ify your first box, snag a FREE EXTRA TOY EVERY SINGLE MONTH, aaaaand get a wearable Max's Antler! That's 3 toys, 2 full-size bags of treats, and a tasty chewy every month. (Even my BARK colleagues were kind of shocked.)

THIS IS NOT A DRILL, GUYS. Even we, the people who work here, didn't know how awesome this deal was until today.

Snag some Christmas cheer with this magic link---your dog's heart will grow, like, seventeen sizes, guaranteed.

Dr. Katy Nelson

2 years ago

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