This Critically Ill Dog Had Given Up Hope, Until These Humans Gave It Back To Him

Reviewed by Stephanie Valente

October 19, 2015

Note: Some of these images may be upsetting for sensitive viewers.

Life is rough for homeless dogs. Danny was found cowering in a cage at a shelter. He was suffering from mange and anaemia.

1 danny

As a puppy, Danny was dumped on the streets and every day he battled to survive. The hardships of street life took a toll on him. He was skin and bones – and he was scared.

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Then, He’Art Of Rescue stepped in. This is his rescue story.


EMERGENCY !!! PLEASE SHARE !!We found Danny in cage number 12 of a public shelter , he was trembling… With extreme mange and anaemia , Danny stood no chance…Click here to read his FULL STORY ~ if you do not wish to read , watch the video here and help us SAVE DANNY by contributing whatever you can through the secure paypal donation link HERE ~ TO SAVE DANNY !!

Posted by He'Art of Rescue on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

While Danny is still fighting to survive, each day he gets a little stronger and a little better.

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This champion pup also has TVT and will need chemotherapy treatment, which can’t begin for another 10 days. He’s a fighter, fur sure. Danny is still recuperating, but he shows us that he responds to loving touches, despite his traumatic experiences.

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Watch Danny work on his recovery here:


EVERY DAY A BIT CLOSER TO HAPPINESS !! DANNY FEELS MUCH BETTER !!Read DANNYS FULL STORY HERE ~ your help , we have started his treatment and the good news is that it is already working which improves Dannys well being . We can not start the chemotherapy process that will eradicate the TVT yet but we know that we are on the good track with his treatment. We could not help Danny without you on our side. Watch this video to see Danny in our clinic..Thank you again and if you can please consider making another contribution to help us continue his care , or simply by sharing Dannys story. CLICK HERE TO DONATE ~

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Reviewed by Stephanie Valente

October 19, 2015