Tough Guy Danny Trejo Is Teaching Kids That It’s Cool To Spay & Neuter Their Pets

Written by: Kellie Stevens

March 12, 2016

When a bada$$ action star like Danny Trejo tells you to do something – you better listen up!

Danny Trejo as Machete

The action star was featured in a humorous PSA for The Friends of Animals Organization last September as a dog who has been locked up (check out that Steve Urkel cameo!), but the real message is serious. Spaying and neutering pets prevents a lot of unwanted dogs from being abused or euthanized.

Trejo and his former wife, Debbie, are long time advocates in the rescue world and founded their own group, The K9 Compassion Foundation. They work with No-Kill Los Angeles, Best Friends Animal Society, and a large number of other organizations to offer low to no-cost spaying and neutering in the LA area.


These groups work to educate people that spaying and neutering is the best way to lower the pet population and prevent unwanted animals from being put out on the streets, taken to shelters, abused, or euthanized. Many stars these days are using their fame as a platform to raise awareness about a great number of causes, particularly animal rescue.


Debbie Shreve-Trejo came up with a great idea targeting men that may not be so, um… enthusiastic about taking their male dogs’ manhood with the “Real Men Spay/Neuter Their Pets” campaign. She had Danny pose shirtless, tattooed and muscle-bound, in a freezing cold Times Square with his friend’s Rottweiler to help convince men that if he could do it, so could they. There is no shame in prolonging your dog’s life and making them happier and healthier without all that built-up testosterone!

danny trejo real men campaign

Most recently, Danny has been visiting schools and teaching kids the importance of this practice, educating tomorrow’s pet owners today. He may need a little work on his arithmetic, but here he is on the Spay4LA Facebook page explaining how much an animal can populate and why it’s so imperative that dogs be spayed and neutered. Puppies having puppies having puppies is the reason our shelters are so overcrowded!

Danny Trejo explains why you should spay and neuter you pets.If your school is in any of our 90003,90011,90018, or 90037 zip codes, shout out your school and maybe Danny Trejo will come.

Posted by Team Spay4LA on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Spay4LA also specified that if your school is in the 90003, 90011, 90018, or 90037 zip code in LA, to shout out on the video post and Danny Trejo might just visit your school too!

We applaud everyone working to educate, rescue, and re-home the many animals on the streets today, including Hollywood stars like Danny Trejo. Visit your local shelter and get involved today, and please – spay and neuter your pets!

Featured Image via Co.Create
Sources: Spay4LA, PetMD, YouTube, No-Kill LA, K9 Compassion Foundation

Written by: Kellie Stevens

March 12, 2016

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