What Your Dog’s Favorite Halloween Toy Says About Them

Written by: Catherine Jarrett

September 29, 2023

Halloween is the perfect time of year to let your freak flag fly. Your costume may say a lot about you, but your dog’s choice of halloween toy speaks louder. Luckily for you, you don’t have to watch a Scary Movie cuz I’m a Psycho and am here Shining a light on some of the spookiest Halloween toys that will have you thinking your dog’s bark was actually a Scream.

Texas Chainspaw

This delightfully edgy toy will have your dog chasing you around the house
as if you’re Jessica Biel. And who wouldn’t want that right? The kind of dog
who would go for this halloween toy has a quirky knack for excitement,
adventure and goes out of their way to protect their house. No need to see
the movie, when you’ve got a dog who’s favorite toy is the “Texas
Apologies in advance if your dog asks to change their name
to Leatherface after playing with this toy.

Spooky Boo Brew

Calling all basic witches. This “Spooky Boo Brew” is for the kind of dog who
loves candle lit dinners and enjoys long walks on the beach… while being
carried by their owner. If your dog looks sweet but has a bit of spice, loves
a sweater vest, and sits on your lap at brunch then this spooky brew toy is
your dog’s go to order this fall.

Skeleton Snoopy

Does your dog have any skeletons in its closet? This plush ghostly looking
toy is for the kind of dog who loves to dig a massive grave and bury his
bones in the backyard. Skeleton Snoopy gives Jack Skellington a run for
his money.

If you’re looking to make things even more spooky, why not add the
Snoopy Dog Costume into the mix, making your neighbors do a double

Black Catch

There’s no bad luck here if the Black Catch crosses your path this Fall. In
fact, this dog toy is for the ultimate fetch master. This toy is perfect for the
kind of dog who loves the chase and isn’t afraid to play dirty. We can’t
promise any spells weren’t cast in the making of this toy, but when the
Black Catch prowls and the pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on

Mummy Linus

If your dog could talk (and who says they can’t?) they’d be the voice of
reason. This adorable mummified toy is for the dog who’s the ultimate best
friend. So if you’ve got a dog who would do anything for you, to the point
where some even mistake them for a security blanket, then give them
something to wrap themselves up in this halloween with the Mummy Linus


There’s nothing scary about this dog toy… unless it comes to life. And in
that case, I hope your name is Dorothy. Jack-Crow-Lantern might look
friendly and on his way to Oz, but this toy is best suited for a canine that
doesn’t easily get scared and loves a good challenge. The kind of dog that
keeps an eye on everything and can spot their owner in a field from a mile

Tricks and Treats Bucket

If your dog is the kind that loves to steal your candy basket after a hard
night’s work of knocking on neighbors doors, then you’re in luck. This
halloween keep the candy for yourself (especially the chocolate) and give
your dog what she’s really been asking for – their very own Tricks & Treats

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Written by: Catherine Jarrett

September 29, 2023

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