Meet BFFs River & Fox: Proof That Dogs And Babies Totally Get Each Other

Once upon a time, there was a dog named Fox. This half German Shepherd, half Husky mix lived the glamorous LA life with his human parents, but his days were kind of lonely.

His humans totally felt that vibe and seven months ago, Fox got a baby sister named River. She’s 100% human, and that’s fine by Fox.

Now they’re bonafide best friends for life and converse in a top secret language not to be understood by grown folks.

They have tons of stuff in common, starting with a shared love of naps.

River and Fox2

Seriously, though. They love a good snooze.

River and Fox 3

Before and after nap sessions, they both like to act casual and relax. It’s the perfect way to reflect on their days and talk about their next meal.

River and Fox 4

Neither one of them are fond of the crib, mostly because Fox hasn’t figured out how to penetrate its defenses.

River and Fox 5

Every now and then their human parents like to play tricks. Fox sees through disguises though.

River and Fox 6

When they’re pretty sure the humans aren’t watching, they tell each other secrets and ponder the meaning of life.

And when new friends enter the mix, pandemonium ensues.

River and Fox 8

There’s no replacement for the real thing, though. Stuffed animals come and go, but they’ll be BFFs forever.

River and Fox 8

For more aww-worthy photos of this dynamic duo, follow their human protectors on Instagram here and here!

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago