What Makes A Breed A Cuddle Monster?

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 2, 2016

Ever had a really rough day, and you just know the only thing that will cheer you up will be some solid puppy snuggling, only to arrive home where your pup wants nothing to do with you? You beg and plead and even resort to bribery, but all you get is a cold furry shoulder. On the other hand maybe your pooch is a wriggly love monster who can never get enough attention, no matter who is providing it.


What makes some pups so receptive to receiving affection, when others can clearly do without?


While there are some dog breeds that are known for being more cuddly, it turns out that when it comes to showing affection, dogs, like people, have their own individual preferences.


All pups have their own unique personalities, and these can often be seen as early as 7 weeks. A puppy who is showing shyness, or fearfulness, will likely carry these traits into adulthood and be less affectionate, and a boisterous puppy will probably grow up into a snuggle monster!


So, what should you do if you’ve got an independent pup at home but crave some furry love? Don’t fret, you can definitely encourage your dog to be more affectionate towards you.


Since pups are eager to please their owners, you can lead them into affectionate behavior and then reward them, this will create a positive association with the loving behavior and they will be more likely to repeat it.


What if you’ve encouraged affectionate behavior and your pooch still isnt feeling it? Don’t worry, from tail wagging to crotch sniffing, there lots of other ways you and your furry friend can still show each other love.

Featured image via PIVISO/ Flickr

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 2, 2016