10 Dogs Who Are Total Bros When It Comes To Teamwork

Man isn't dog's only best friend. A dog and his fellow fur buddy can sometimes be as thick as thieves. Don't believe us? Here are 10 examples of dog buddies who know the true value of working together. 1. Dog bros aren't afraid to teach their younger, smaller friends important life lessons (like walking downstairs). downstairs-puppy 2. And when one can't reach food, the other is there to help. bellpepper1 bellpepper2 3. Even when one is afraid of heights, dog bro is there to give them the push they need. dogs-teamwork-car 4. Need help carrying that stick? Or... teamwork 5. ...retrieving that tire? That's what bros are for. teamwork-with-tire 6. Bros never leave their friends out in the rain. dogs-opening-door 7. And they know the true value of sharing. dogs-like-water 8. And need help hiding that poop from humans? Dog bro has you covered. shiba-poop-1 shiba-poop-2 9. No door is too hard to open when there are two dog buddies on the scene. dogs-opening-door 10. Best friends furever. best-buddies

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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