Severely Matted Dog Finds Forever Home In Case Of Foster Family Failure

Foster failures really make out like bandits when they "don't" do their job right. When this particular human spotted Harry, a tiny, matted mess, on Helping Paws, she decided to give him a temporary home. harry in dog bed And Harry made the perfect houseguest, even if he got into a little trouble sometimes. harry made a mess But she could never have guessed that after an extensive grooming session to rid him of the matts, dirt, and tar, this dapper dog would become more than just a rescue mission. [bp_related_article] Harry's foster mom, Reddit user lwmajeed, says,
We became his foster parents because he had no place to go and now he has found a special place in our hearts and our home. The feeling I get now after seeing what he has gone through is like nothing else!
Two months was all it took to realize that Harry was always a part of the family, and now this boy's got a big bed to sleep on and at least one warm lap to rest his head. harry's bed The world needs more failures like these, no? harry and family
H/t The Dodo, Featured Image via Imgur

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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