This Dog Has Been In A Shelter For 500 Days And He’s Not The Only One

Written by: Melina Giakas

June 10, 2015

The Huffington Post recently published a story on a dog named Roscoe. Roscoe has been waiting for a new home at the Austin Animal Shelter in Austin, Texas for more than 500 days now.

newdog 8

He is affectionate and loves to play fetch. There are thousands of charming dogs just like Roscoe across the United States and around the world that are looking for a special place to call home.

So how is it possible that good dogs like Roscoe are living in shelters for hundreds of days and even years? For one, older dogs seem to get a bad rap, and many people overlook them when looking for a new best friend.


But older dogs are typically housebroken and already over the phase of chewing everything in sight. They can be calmer too since they are past those wild puppy and teenager years. Of course, these attributes vary in accordance to each fluffy single, since no two are the same. To prove it, we’ve gathered up a few older puppers who have been waiting a few hundred days too long, searching for their forever homes.

The Studly Dudley

Dudley is a 1 ½ -year old American Bulldog mix who loves to snuggle. He is currently waiting for a new home at Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter.

dudley newSpicy Paprika

Paprika holds the record of longest resident at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter. She has been there for over two years. Check out Paprika’s Facebook Page to give this girl the second chance at ruv that she deserves.

newdog 6Grandma Gertie

Gertie wasn’t found at the shelter she was dumped at until hours afterwards. Despite her hard luck, she is an affectionate five-year-old in search of endless belly rubs and treats. Check out The Terre Haute Humane Society in Indiana to learn more about this awesome girl.

gertie newJovial Jack

Jack is a big ol’ gentle giant looking for a loving home. He loves slow walks and is easy to train. After 250 days of searching, this dog is ready to find his match. Check out the Austin Animal Center in Texas to learn more about this lovable guy.

newdog 1Dan the Man

Dan loves the outdoors and the occasional beach trip. He’s had a few flings lately but is looking for something more real. Think you can help? Check out the Humane Society Calvert Country to become Dan’s permanent beach bro.

newdog 2Harrison the Hunky Hound

Harrison is a one-year-old Hound / Whippet mix who owns his good looks. He enjoys a great hike and is always up for a new adventure. Visit the Kauai Humane Society in Hawaii to have Harrison join you on your next escapade.

new 5Breaking Kumar

Kumar is 13 years old and has been living in shelters for 10 months now. He was rescued from a meth lab after Child Protective Services called the SPCA for assistance. Kumar is looking for a clean start with a loving home. Check out SPCA of Southwest Michigan to help this dog gain a sense of normalcy.


Loving Lilo

Lilo is two years old and loves giving kisses and enjoying a ruvin’ belly rub. Check out The Terre Haute Humane Society in Indiana to learn more about this adoring dog.

newdog 3Roscoe the Rock Star  

Coming in at 500+ days, Roscoe holds the record for the longest stay at the Austin Animal Center. He is a happy and playful dog looking for ruv with an active family. If you think you could be a good fit for this deserving dog visit Austin Animal Center in Texas.

ros addition new

Want to find a furry single near you? Use our BarkBuddy app to find your new best friend!

H/T The Huffington Post

Featured image via 365 Things Austin

Written by: Melina Giakas

June 10, 2015

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