11 Pictures That Sum Up What It’s Like When Your Dog Is Your Only Friend

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 19, 2016

Your dog will always have your back. He truly wants nothing more than to just chill with you all day, every day, all the time, every day and not just because you feed him! Honestly, who needs human friends when you’ve got your intensely loyal pupper by your side?


Perhaps you had no friends to begin with, or maybe you’re just busy hanging out with your best-friend-furrever to make time for people of your own species. Either way, it’s completely cool that your dog is literally the only one in your life. Here are 11 pictures that sum up what it’s like when your pooch is your lone friend.


1. Ya’ll get turnt on a Friday night with a rousing game of Monopoly.

Sure, your pup doesn’t understand the rules and always demands to be the banker… but that’s totally a small price to pay for friendship.


2. Your pooch is always down to coordinate duds.

No one else likes your style. Heck, they aren’t even around to see your outfit! Luckily, you’re the only one your dog needs in his squad. #squadgoals



3. OR BETTER YET, true BFFS clad themselves in each others’ brands.

dog shirt
Sure, you had to pay for both shirts, but it’s not like you are gonna be spending that $$$ on your other non-existent friends.



4. You always have a built in date, even for fancy events like prom.

prom pic
Because you havent socialized enough to get a human date, nor would you want one.


5. Friendship is all about solidarity, loyalty, and having zero shame when it comes to looking like a doofus.

cone solidarity
One cone looks dumb, but TWO cones looks like friendship.


6. BFFs do EVERYTHING together. 

dog at barber
IRL this man was quoted as saying, “He’s my best friend. I go with him to get his hair cut and he comes with me to get mine cut.” That kind of friendship gives me goosebumps.


7. TFW you’re jonesing to play a rousing game of chess, so you go to call a friend, then you remember you have no friends… then your dog offers to play with you so NBD everything’s fine.

chess dog
“Your move, doggy. And no, using my bishop as a chew toy does not count as a move.”


8. You tag team the dishes.

dog dishes
Having your (only) friend around really helps make boring household tasks more tolerable. Even though he only eats kibble and you cook for one.


9. He’s the only support system you have when it comes to getting in shape. Not only is he your only friend, he is your only set of weights as well.

dog crunches
First you crunch…

Then it's BFF's turn...
Then it’s BFF’s turn… (with plenty of belly rubs thrown in there).


10. Bath time can get lonely without a friend.

Ya’ll have no boundaries.


11. Finally, even though you don’t have any real friends to invite to your slumber party, you know that someone (somedog) has always got your back.

Plus you don't even have to check with your mom first 'cuz your BFF already lives with you!
Bonus: they won’t stick your hand in a glass of warm water when you go to sleep because they don’t know how to turn on the faucet!And you don’t even have to check with your mom first ‘cuz your BFF already lives with you!


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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 19, 2016

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