New Photo Series Gives You An Excuse To Say “Harry Paw-ter” Without Looking Insane

Have you ever looked at your dog and thought, "This beautiful dog's mug belongs on a poster." Or, even better, "This beautiful dog's mug belongs on a movie poster." Well you're in luck, because one awesome hooman had the same idea, using patient pups and lots of Photoshop to create something simply marvelous. And you already know how nuts we are about anything Photoshopped. Lisa Garner, a dog ruver from England, is the mastermind behind this ingenious photo series/calendar that recreates famous movie posters with her two dogs, Lucy and Annabelle. The dogs are featured in every iconic movie you can think, from Star Wars to The Wizard of Oz. [bp_related_article] Garner tells The Daily Mail she created the calendar to raise money for dog rescue shelters and for organizations fighting to end puppy mills. Lucy, a seven-year-old Kings Cavalier Spaniel, was bought from a puppy farm where she experienced years of cruelty. Garner says the pictures are a less depressing way to raise awareness.

"I wanted the calendar to be quirky for people who don't already know Lucy's story," she said. "We're really pleased with the results."

For more info on Lucy and Annabelle and their adorable calendar, keep up to date via Lucy's Facebook page.

h/t The Daily Mail


Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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