New Study Reveals That Owning A Dog Has A Big Impact On Your Income

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 21, 2016

The latest research on “cats versus dogs” reaffirms our (totally biased) standing: Team Puppies.


Researchers at Britain’s VetPlus conducted a study with 1,500 adults who have cats or dogs as pets to find out which of them earn bigger salary, and they discovered that cat owners make less than dog owners, according to Telegraph. Apparently, an average cat owner’s annual income is said to be £24,000 ($34,237.20) a year, compared to the average dog owner who makes £27,000 ($38,516.85) a year.


The study also showed that dog owners are enjoying more success at their job and are more likely to pay off their mortgage, but consider their work “stressful”, reports Telegraph. We’re not sure if these particular findings had any correlation to the average income of a dog owner since the article didn’t mention, but it’s totally worth mentioning how much butt dog owners are kicking.


But money and career aren’t the only areas where dog owners are winning over cat owners. Dog owners allegedly have more friends and sex than cat owners. Meanwhile, cat owners are said to be “more likely unmarried and live alone”; however, that may be of their own choosing as the study claimed that cat owners are indeed “happier living alone” and they “relish a simpler pace of life”, according to the news article.


Additionally, the study found that dog owners love their pets more than cat owners. We wonder if that has anything to do with how much “love hormone” a dog releases when they make eye contact with their human owner. Back in February, we learned that dogs love their human owners more than cats do because the level of oxytocin a dog produces is greater than a cat.


“The goal of the research was to understand the differences between dog and cat owners and what drives them to visit a vet,” said a VetPlus spokesperson. “Looking at this research, this may well be because of the difference in lifestyle and relationships between the pet and the owner.”


With all that said, do you know which cat owner may be able to dispute this finding, especially the money part? Tabatha Bundesen, owner of Grumpy Cat. Although she denied the reports stating that she made nearly $100 million in revenue from her cat, we don’t doubt at all she still made a lot of money from Grumpy Cat’s fame.

Grumpy Cat and Tabatha

Featured image via @hanniec23 /Instagram

Sources: VetPlus, Telegraph, Huffington Post

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 21, 2016

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