How To Flirt With The Hot Human At The Dog Park

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 1, 2016

Dog parks aren’t just for four-legged fur balls. While your pup is out there sniffing butts and dominating the fetch game, you could be doing the same with that attractive human stranger/fellow dog owner you’ve been eyeing for weeks. If you’re crushing on a human at the dog park, here are six tips for turning your crush into a full-blown dog park love connection:

1. Leave Your Phone & Headphones In The Car.


Seriously… staring at your phone or listening to tunes while your dog roams the park does not tell the world you’re looking for conversation/true love. Leave your technology behind and focus on your dog (read: focus on your dog AND chatting with cute dog owners).

2. Be Prepared With Treats And Extra Poop Bags.


You never know when your dog park crush will be in need of a poop bag (for their dog, mind you) or a little incentive to lure a feisty pup back into the car. Take a tip from the Boy Scouts, and make sure you’re prepared for all the scenarios.

3. Train Your Dog To Be Your Wing Man.


It’s time for your pup to start earning their keep! Train your pooch to be the Goose to your Maverick by paying extra attention to your human dog park crush. After all, our dogs are our greatest assets.

4. Gravitate Towards The Watering Hole…Or Create One!


Every dog park has a watering hole of some sort for thirsty pups to rehydrate. Gravitate towards this area since all dogs (and owners) are bound to visit the watering hole at some point during their dog park visit. And if your dog park doesn’t have a water feature, make one! You, your pup, plus the other pups and dog owners (including your dog park crush) will appreciate it — and your blooming love life will, too.

5. Gush About Your Crush’s Dog


Who doesn’t love hearing how positively adorable their dog is? Strike up conversation with your human crush by sharing plenty of canine-related compliments.

6. Ask About Their Dog’s Styling Accessories


Is your crush’s pup rocking some seriously cool gear? Ask them where they procured that fancy collar, fresh leash, or trendy harness. Before you know it, you’ll be making plans for your next park visit together. Or, you know, making out like these two.


Featured image via @kelralston/Instagram

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 1, 2016