Family’s Cat Finds Missing Dog in 13ft Hole, Stays til Help Arrives

Reviewed by Laura Hartle

July 28, 2014

New Zealand veterinarian Brett Kirkland was taking his two pups for a their normal morning walk when he experienced every pup parent’s worst fear: his beloved 12-year-old Irish Setter, Saffron, went missing.

“My other dog was eating something so I went over to her to get it off her and Saffy was behind me, then I turned around and Saffy was gone. She’s a bit old and dottery so I thought she might have wandered off,” Kirkland explained.


Image via The New Zealand Herald

After a long day of putting up fliers and searching for Saffy, Kirkland had to call off the search until morning. But, he became even more alarmed when he awoke to find that his cat, Zippy, hadn’t returned home that night. That’s when Kirkland thought to check the 14-foot deep hole outside of his fenced-in backyard. He found Zippy standing guard by Saffy, whose weak bark could not be heard outside of the hole.

“I saw the black eye of my cat running around in there… I think the cat went there looking for [Saffron],” Kirkland said.

Thankfully, Saffy was not injured and is happily reunited with her pack. We’ve gotta give credit where credit is due – major high paws to Zippy for helping his pup sibling!

h/t to The New Zealand Herald

Featured Image via Sunmedia

Reviewed by Laura Hartle

July 28, 2014