Rescuers Arrive Just In Time To Save Dog Stuck In Bear Trap For Weeks

Written by: Michella Ventres

May 17, 2016

Forest, a dog in Przemysl, Poland, found himself in a precarious spot after both of his left legs became stuck in a bear trap while alone in the woods. He struggled to stay alive for two weeks, and rescuers presume that he stayed hydrated by licking the snow around him.

forest 2

However, before Forest met a dismal end, he was spotted by Centrum Adopcyjne Lecznicy Rescue, who managed to remove him from the trap and bring him to a veterinarian.


The vet determined Forest had parasitic worms and infections in his wounds, from which he nearly died. Unfortunately, it was revealed that he would need to have his front and rear left legs amputated. Forest stayed strong despite his ordeal and built a bond with one rescue worker, Jakub Kotwics, who spent over a month helping him heal.

It is unclear if Forest was a stray or intentionally left there. Regardless, the Centrum Adopcyje Lecznicy Rescue is making every effort to get this boy what he needs. 

Forest will need prosthetics for both of his missing legs to enable the remaining ones to continue to support his weight. To help him get fitted and learn to run and play again safely, please visit the rescue’s Dotpay account to donate, or donate directly via PayPal to [email protected]

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Centrum Adopcyjne Lecznicy “Ada”/Facebook

Written by: Michella Ventres

May 17, 2016